Wellness Services

Wellness Services

Health Fairs
Pilot Benefits partners with its clients to organize company Health Fairs. Past events include expert resources focused on colonoscopy education, family health history, stress management, chiropractic assessment, and nutrition. The Health Fairs can also provide on-site tests for cholesterol screening, blood pressure, body mass index, and percent body fat.

Flu Shot Clinics
In an effort to promote preventive care, Pilot Benefits offers assistance to its larger clients to set up a worksite flu-shot clinic. Pilot Benefits also coordinates a clinic at its office location to provide smaller  clients with a convenient way to receive their shot.. Our goal is to keep employees healthy and save time away from work.

Promotion and Education
Knowledge of Wellness Resources empowers individuals and companies as a whole to take control of their health and associated costs. Pilot Benefits works to educate its clients on free wellness programs offered by the insurance carriers. Our company also assists in creating flyers and circulation materials that promote an Education of Wellness.

Wellness Newsletters 

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