Group Coverage

Group Coverage

Group Health Insurance assists in improving employee wellbeing as well as helps your company attract and retain quality employees in a competitive hiring market. Plan designs range from Fully-Insured, Health Reimbursement Plans, Health Savings Accounts to Self-Funded. The solution that best reflects the goals of your company will stem from a balance between cost savings and comprehensive benefits.

An easy, yet effective way to add value to your employee benefits package is by offering group dental coverage. Routine dental exams have a dual benefit of keeping employees healthy, and preventing excessive absenteeism due to poor dental health. A variety of plan designs, as well as employer paid and voluntary options makes this a cost-effective and attractive benefit for employees.

Good visual health plays an important role in contributing to the overall health of your company. Plan design can vary from fully company paid to employee paid or a combination of employer and employee paid benefits. With a large percentage of US residents requiring some level of vision correction, it makes sense that a vision plan is a highly desired benefit by employees in today's workplace.

The most basic and budget-friendly way to provide income replacement protection to employees is through group life insurance coverage. A myriad of options exist for this type of coverage, including group term and whole life policies that accrue cash values. Additionally, plans can be designed to be convertible and portable.

Disability insurance protects against the potential loss of an employee's earned income in the event that a disability makes working impossible. Companies that offer Short-Term and/or Long-Term Disability Plans provide their employees with a safety net to help them meet their financial security needs. Plans can be designed to provide tax free benefits and options include both employer and employee paid plans.

Worksite Benefits
Cancer insurance, Accident policies, and other reimbursement plans are available for employees who desire this additional level of protection.