Administrative Extras

Administrative Extras

Customized Benefit Booklets
To assist, in the administration of their employee benefits, Pilot Benefits creates Customized Benefit Booklets for clients.These booklets serve as a valuable guide for answering questions regarding coverage and rates, locating forms, and finding specific contact information that allow administrators to save valuable time when reaching out to carriers.

Rate & Benefit History
As an extra resource, Pilot Benefits offers its clients a single glance comparison of the company's past premium rates and benefit highlights. Benefit and Rate History is provided for the past five years. Having a broader contect for understanding helps our clients determine the best plan choice for their business and its future.

Claim Scenarios
In order to design and implement the most effective benefit packages for our clients, Pilot Benefits performs strategic analysis of plan designs that help employers recognize and manage their level of risk. Our unique "Concept Sheets" offer a visualization of possible claims outcomes in order to remove any element of surprise. Claims scenarios worksheets also help employees understand out-of-pocket costs that will be associated with large, major medical claims.

Benefit Benchmarking
This service allows an employer to quickly compare their current benefit plans with other companies of the same size. Comparisons can be filtered by geographical area and type of business.